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Access 100 000 films and pay filmmakers and rights owners directly. White Rabbit is Reinventing Streaming - the future is viral.

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How does it work?

White Rabbit's browser extension instantly recognizes the films you watch and enables you to pay immediately, without forcing you to subscribe to or stream from any-one site. Stream what you want, wherever you want.

Install our browser extension and it instantly recognizes the films you stream. So now you can choose your preferred streaming site, even peer-to-peer, to stream whatever you want, wherever you want. Payment is easy, safe and goes directly and instantly to the filmmakers. The fans, the artists and the filmmakers; let’s make everyone happy. 

It’s legit, just check out our supporters.
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Why are we doing this?

The Internet used to be a place of freedom – a network of computers that shared knowledge and people grew stronger, together. This was the dream of Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Then someone planted a flag in the internet and claimed it for theirs.

White Rabbit believes peer-to-peer and blockchain technology can deliver on Sir Tim’s dream. WhiteRabbit builds technology to empower the film industry. We don't want to see BigTech taking over. We avoid that by making films accessible to everyone, everywhere, legally. Those that watch films pay those that make films, directly. In that way a virtuous cycle is created. When we succeed, with your help, we ensure diversity of culture and freedom of expression.

White Rabbit gives the power back to you, where it belongs. It's time to shake things up. Jump in!

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