Welcome to White Rabbit, a revolution in film distribution to forever change the way movies reach audiences, and how filmmakers are paid. Inspired by the unyielding spirit of independent cinema, White Rabbit embarks on a mission to empower visionary filmmakers and passionate fans, forging a connection between captivating content and eager viewers hungry for fresh perspectives. 

In the spirit of those who challenge conventions, ask the tough questions, and transport us to new realms, we stand united with filmmakers and audiences. Together, we face a formidable barrier: the dominance of streaming platforms. The movie industry, once a realm of artistic expression, has fallen under the control of tech giants, suffocating the very essence of independent storytelling. Great movies struggle to reach their deserving fans, often drowned out in a sea of mediocrity.

Enter White Rabbit, a beacon for change.

Our mission is to protect the vibrant diversity of cinema and ensure that filmmakers not only survive but flourish. Our love for movies and audiences fuels our resolve. We believe in making movies accessible to everyone. We believe in recommendations by trusted friends, our communities and admired influencers. Together, we can dismantle the restrictive confines of streaming platforms and democratise film distribution for all. 

By harnessing the communal power of social media, White Rabbit introduces a fairer model of movie distribution. We extend an invitation to communities, fans, and influencers to embark on a transformative journey, becoming champions of independent voices. By sharing movies through social media posts, the movies you adore can reach every corner of the globe. In turn, by sharing, you receive a portion of every payment generated by your posts. Consider this: 200 million subscribers on a platform pales in comparison to the staggering reach of 5 billion individuals connected through social networks and messaging apps. By rewarding you, we reward the movies.  Let us harness our collective spirit and prove that movies and audiences wield greater power and significance than any single platform.

Your participation is a powerful message, a testament to the importance of an independent movie industry liberated from the clutches of tech giants. Let us not allow creativity to be confined to closed ecosystems, where they may be dismissed at a whim. Your participation is an act of resistance against an unjust and irrational distribution model. You serve as a guiding light to support diversity and those audacious creators who dare to dream differently. Together, we possess the capacity to change the world. Our movement is not limited to movie distribution, it will extend to a fully inclusive participation economy where everyone plays their part. New horizons await.

Join us as we blaze trails, dismantle barriers, construct bridges, and bring breathtaking cinema to screens around the world. Unite with us in supporting and empowering an independent film industry to preserve the rich tapestry of cinema, one movie at a time.

Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary mission.

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